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Our NEW Products

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, innovative ideas, new features and specialized equipment are constantly being developed and fabricated.

GERSTUNG Aerosol Crimper

NEW! GERSTUNG Aerosol Pressure Crimping Head     Download brochure or Get a quote

Crimping Head


The latest model of the GERSTUNG Aerosol Pressure Crimping Head features a uniquely designed adjustable pressure chamber within the crimp body. This allows the operator to apply a customer specified pressure to a gasketed or related aerosol dispensing valve just prior to crimping onto the aerosol container.


- Once the can diameter and depth are set, your standard set crimped diameter and depth

are ALWAYS maintained. There are NO ADJUSTMENTS NEEDED.

- There are NO TOOLS needed to disassemble or re-assemble.

- There are NO SPRINGS needed.

- The unit is compact in size.

GERSTUNG Aerosol Gasser/Shaker

NEW! GERSTUNG 5 Head "Lo-Pro" Gasser/Shaker     Download brochure or Get a quote

5 Head Gasser Shaker


This machine features the same simplicity of design as our GERSTUNG Production Gasser/Shaker. The precise cyclic motion lends itself to enhance absorption of propellant throughout the product more quickly and completely. This machine is designed for manual operation. In the future, if there is a need to automate production, for a nominal fee, conversion parts would be available to modify the gasser/shaker. This NEW! GERSTUNG Low Production "Lo-Pro" Gasser/Shaker is really great for lab work. 


- Production rate: Up to 25 cans per minute.

- Accommodates various can diameters and heights.

- Changeover time: NONE (Same can diatemter with different heights).

- Right or left hand discharge.

- Manual load and unload.

- Semi-Auto and Automatic upgrades are available.   

Technical drawings, dimensions & specifications for specific equipment are available. Please contact Gerstung Aerosol, Inc. to request a brochure, video DVD or to speak to a representative.

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